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Fundamentals of Painting

These workshops teach the fundamentals of painting in a fun and engaging way, while offering a hands-on learning experience that encourages students to explore and express their artistic abilities. Led by a professional artist, students will develop a deeper understanding of painting techniques and styles, and have the opportunity to create their own unique artwork.

Create A Story - Creative Writing & Illustration Workshop

Our 'Create a Story Workshop' is the perfect way to get children excited about storytelling and creative writing. Led by the author and illustrator of 'Stanley The Skeleton', the workshop puts a spin on traditional writing methods by using illustrations to inspire new ideas, the same method that was used to write 'Stanley The Skeleton'. We start by discussing the basics of a good story and then guide children through the process of elaborating on those ideas to create a unique story of their own. It's a hands-on, interactive experience that will leave kids feeling inspired and empowered.

Morning Sessions & Afternoon Sessions available. 
Workshops are 2 hours long for a morning or afternoon session, or 4 hours long for a day course. They take place at your school and are suitable for Year 2 to Year 11.


2 hour sessions - £140

4 hour sessions - £ 260



Bespoke Curriculum Art Workshop

Are you looking for someone to run an art workshop based on the curriculum?

Whether that's a art related subject, or you are looking for a way to engage children in a history topic like Ancient Greece, creating clay models of parts of the body, we can create a workshop for you. 

Reward Painting Workshops

Looking for a reward activity for children at the end of term? We can come in and do a guided painting workshop for them. Guiding the children step-by-step through a painting until they all have a masterpiece to take home.

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